I don't know if there are enough words in the english language to describe how wonderful the Settlemire's are. Maybe I'm a little biased, because I'm lucky enough to call them friends, but the warm and welcoming feeling I get from this family has been present since the day I met them. They've opened up their home (and their barn and their horses and their arena) to me, and I am one lucky lady. I'm a firm believer in the fact that God puts people in our lives right when we need them there, and I think there's a reason that Tami called me the day that she did. I've prayed a lot this year to be surrounded by people who love and support and lift me up, and I can honestly say that God answered my prayers when he introduced me to Tami. I'm thankful to know her!

Tami's beautiful daughter Casey is getting married in just a few short weeks and moving to Hawaii, so we spent a beautiful evening on the Settlemire farm with their horses, documenting a life that some people could only dream of living. At one point, I jokingly told them to frolic through the field like it was totally normal for them, to which they replied that it kind of was normal. I love these guys!

I'm so thankful to have been given a gift that allows me to create memories for people that will last forever. They don't have to be picture perfect, posed images. They just have to show real life, because in the end, that's what you're going to remember. 

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