I've been wanting to start an education series for photographers on posing for a while now, and I think it's finally time! Over the years, I've squirreled away quite a few tips and tricks for getting genuine moments out of my couples while also making them feel comfortable in front of my camera. I think we as wedding photographers often forget that most couples haven't been photographed together by a professional, and it's our job to make the experience as easy and fun as possible for them! 

One easy, quick trick I learned when I started photographing couples was to start out with them walking! It seems simple, right? It's got a few advantages! For one, it allows your couple to kind of "loosen up" in front of the camera without it being right in front of their face right off the bat. It also allows for you to get some great wider angles that you might not think about after you get up close and personal. I do this at both engagement sessions and weddings, and I've included some examples in this post!

 Chelsey Somohano Photography www.somohanoweddings.com

For these shots, I have the couple hold hands and walk and look at each other. I always tell them we're going to do this a few times, and I tell them not to worry about the camera so much. I tell them to have a little fun, talk to each other, tell a joke, or just talk about their day. I'm not worried about their facial expressions so much as I am them getting comfortable.  

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 Chelsey Somohano Photography www.somohanoweddings.com
 Chelsey Somohano Photography www.somohanoweddings.com

After a few times of doing this, we start having a little more fun. I'll have the couple walk again, but I will give them more direction as to where to look. A lot of times, I very quickly run through a bunch of directions. I'll say "Look at me, look at each other, Katie look at me, Josh look at Katie, Katie look at me!" Not only does this give me a variety of facial expressions and poses, but it almost always elicits a laugh from the couple in the end!

Towards the end of this segment, I almost always have the couple walk closer to me each time, allowing me to fill my frame a little more and start focusing on the couple a little more. 

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I hope this little tip helps you foster a great relationship with your couples and elicit some authentic moments! I'll be posting more tips and tricks for this series over the next few weeks! If you have any suggestions or questions, or just want to say hello, please leave them in the comments below!