If you came back for more wedding planning fun, I don't have a huge update today, but I do have some exciting news!

I said YES to the dress!!

I've been trying on wedding dresses since February, and I have to say, I've tried on a LOT of dresses. I'm actually kind of surprised - as a wedding photographer, you would think I would have all of these details picked and planned already! I had no idea where to start! I figured I would share a few tips on how to pick the perfect wedding dress for your big day!

1. Try on a few different styles.

The first day I went to try on wedding dresses was actually with my best friend and maid of honor, Samantha! It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, and we went to David's Bridal to get a feel for the different types and styles there were out there! At David's, I tried on a little bit of everything! I wanted to get an idea of what styles I liked and didn't like, what was flattering on my body, and what wasn't. Originally, I fell in love with the first dress I tried on! It was a beautiful lace a-line dress with a pleated bodice and it even had pockets! I was in love and I didn't want to take it off! I was ready to buy it right then and there, but my sweet fiancé reminded me that it was important for me to include my mom, so I waited to show her and get her opinion.

The next day, I came back with my mom and she asked me to try on a couple of other styles of dresses, since I had gotten so distracted by my first pick the day before. I obliged, and tried on a beautiful trumpet dress with beaded lace, a deep V-neckline, a super sexy low back, and the most delicate lace cap sleeves. It was a beautiful dress! I also tried on a dress similar to the one I had fallen in love with the day before. It was a beautiful tulle A-line with a sweetheart neckline and a pleated bodice. Of all the dresses I tried on, that was my sisters' favorite!

While I might not have picked out the perfect dress right then and there, the experience gave me the opportunity to narrow down my options a little and hone in on what I was looking for.

2. Take pictures!!!

Be sure and take photographs of the dresses you try on! Of course, the photographer is telling you this! But for real, being able to look back and see the dresses you liked on you is really helpful, plus you can show them off to anyone who might not have been there with you to try them on. It's also helpful to have a reference, and it will give you an idea of how your dress will photograph! One tip - be sure to ask the boutique if you're allowed to take photos, as some have strict policies against it!

3. Trust the experts.

The best experience I had trying on wedding dresses was at CC's Boutique in St. Pete! Not only was the bridal consultant, Deborah, amazing, but she chose dresses for me based off of the details of our wedding and the photos that I shared with her. She had me trying on dresses that I absolutely would have picked out, but the best part was that I didn't have to! I love that she took the time to get to know me and was able to really hone in on dresses that fit me and my style so well! 

4. Have an open mind. 

This one is important, especially if you end up with an excellent consultant! Even if you've done all your research, be willing to try something on that piques your interest, but you're not 100% sold on it, try it on! You might surprise yourself! 

I hope all my lovely brides find their dream dresses as easily as I did! Wedding dress shopping was such an amazing experience and finding my dream dress was such a great feeling! I'm so excited to wear it on our wedding day!!