OH. EM. GEE. Y'all. This venue. And this couple. And that skirt. And all that beautiful golden light. Holy cow. I knew that Dade City's newest wedding venue, Covington Farm, was amazing, but nobody told me that it looked like the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie. Brooke and Hunter (and that yellow skirt!!) were just perfect and so in love, and I'm so thankful that all of this came together so beautifully!

Ladies, if you're obsessing over that skirt like I am, fear not - it's hanging on my new client wardrobe rack, and it's available to borrow for any session, along with a whole assortment of clothing! Wardrobe styling is kind of a new feature that I offer, but I have to say, my clients and myself have all been happy with the results! If you have a session coming up with me, get in touch and let's figure out what to wear!