I don't typically post personal images on this blog (though I plan to incorporate them more going into the new year) but I thought I could make an exception for a wedding that I had the honor and privilege to both photograph and  participate in as a bridesmaid. What made this wedding even more special was the fact that it was my mother's wedding! How many daughters can say they've had the chance to preserve something so absolutely special for their own parent? 

My mom is a lucky lady. She married a man that taught her patience and understanding and how to laugh and how to give selflessly. Daryl is a lucky man. He married a woman who loved him dearly and gave him three incredible, beautiful daughters that I now call my sisters. And while my mom and Daryl didn't meet until this chapter in their lives, they fought the same battle separately that eventually led them down the same path. And while there are all kinds of love in this world, there is never the same love twice. The love my mom and Daryl share is special, and it's easy to see in the simple way they look at each other. We like to believe that perhaps our loved ones are watching from the stars, celebrating the fact that mom and Daryl have found a place in the most understanding of arms. 

It's an interesting, unique family that we have now, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. You'll notice in some of the photos that I've been teaching the girls how to use my cameras and they aren't too shabby! I might have some competition on my hands later on down the road! I hope you'll enjoy these images, not as a way to promote my wedding business, but more of a way to see just how it is I view my world through the eyes of my camera. 

A huge thank you to Ellen Wolf for helping with this wedding! It's physically impossible to be both a bridesmaid and photographer for the whole day without sacrificing photographs, and I couldn't have done it with you!