Living on a farm has it's perks. In the spring, the sun starts shining and the trees start blooming and the grass starts growing and the horses shed their winter coat. It's like having my own super special location all to myself. Except I love to share! The Looks Like Film Tennessee crew had their inaugural meetup here in March (Carlie and Drake rocked it out in case you haven't seen the blog post!)  and just last week, I had the pleasure of hosting a headshot swap with two very insanely talented photographers from Nashville. Carrie Ann Smith of Sealed With a Kiss Photography and Erica Christine of Erica Christine Photography got all dolled up with me and wandered around the property, exploring new spots and finding perfect little patches of light. Eventually, we made our way out to play with the horses, and I'm so glad that we did! I'm a huge horse lover and an avid horseback rider, and I love sharing that piece of my world with others! You'll be seeing images of me (and the horses!) taken by Carrie and Erica featured throughout my website and social media over the next few weeks because I honestly can't get enough of them! I'm truly inspired and thankful to have had the chance to get my photo taken by two very talented ladies!

Is it totally narcissistic to share some of the images that Carrie and Erica took of me?! I was so giddy when I got these! It's such a different experience to be on the other side of the camera, but I find that I actually enjoy it for the most part! I guess it helps that I'm being photographed by some crazy talented girls, but maybe I'm biased. I think the farm was the perfect backdrop and if you know me, you know these photos capture the very essence of who I am!

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