Their dreams came true on a perfect day in September under the trees, as the light danced along their shoulders and the autumn wind sang a song that would last forever.

It's always an honor to photograph a wedding for people that I call friends. Lakota and Josh are two of my favorite humans and the love they have for each other is so refreshing. We spent a beautiful day at Samary Plantation reminiscing about thickets, finding the perfect pockets of light under the trees and being generally excited that this day was finally here. A few weeks before Josh proposed to Lakota, he confided in me his plan. Try keeping that a secret from one of your best friends! The only thing better than knowing Lakota was getting engaged was the video she sent afterwards.

I've been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. Lakota and Josh incorporated everything that makes them them into their big day. Magic wands, handcrafted in Germany,  flowers made from pages of Lakota's favorite books, tables themed from some of Lakota and Josh's travels and even a dragon cake! It was a seriously fun wedding!


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