The theme this year is community. Cultivating relationships with other talented photographers and various wedding vendors in Nashville has always been one of the things that has kept me rooted in the south, and I'm so thankful for the friends I've made because of this community. When Cody Harris, one half of the talented duo over at Cody & Allison Photography, decided to implement a new meet-up group for photographers, I knew I had to participate! I opened up my farm, a little hidden gem in the heart of south Nashville, and we explored the 120 acres with a beautiful couple who drove all the way up from Alabama to have their pictures taken - thanks again, Carlie and Drake! We ended the evening with a bonfire, hot dogs over the fire, and s'mores, learning more about each other, how we all got started in the photography industry, and some of our best (and worst!) moments!  Opening up my home was by far one of the best things I've had the pleasure of doing this year, and I hope that I have the chance to embrace the photography community we have here in Nashville again soon. 

During the workshop, we each took turns working with Carlie and Drake and explaining a little bit behind our thought process or how we each achieve a certain look. Since my typical shooting style is more "in your face" and "up close" I chose to challenge myself a bit with this shoot, and add some wide diversity to my images. The last image in this set is probably my absolute favorite - a black and white double exposure! I'll definitely be incorporating more of these into my sessions, so couples, if you're reading, check it out! Of course, I won't be changing my overall shooting style anytime soon, so you'll still be seeing my bright, airy images, but it's always enlightening to add new a new skill to my resume!