Another month, another Looks Like Film Tennessee Meetup! We've grown in numbers since our last shoot - we had double the attendees and triple the models! Because we had so many different subjects, I wanted to showcase each couple in their own post, so keep an eye out for more images from this meetup in the future! 

Jenna and I go way back. We both worked a soul-crushing part time job together waiting tables, and Jenna's humor and charisma kept me going on some of the worst nights. I can honestly say that I don't know many people more bubbly and full of life as this girl, and I was so thrilled when she agreed to let us photograph her during our meetup! Ryan had some serious style going on too, and he didn't mind being in front of so many cameras. I'm so thrilled I got to spend some time with them, and I'm even more thrilled at how these images turned out.

For each of these meetups, I hold myself to a teeny tiny goal. Something that will challenge me, push me, and will make me grow as a photographer. For the last meetup, I focused on working with my couples at wider angles, since my niche is very up close and personal. For this meetup, I chose to focus on something a little more technical. My goal was to create a cohesive set throughout various lighting scenarios, and boy, what a lighting scenario we had! Even though we met in the late afternoon, the sun in the area that we wanted to shoot in was high and bright! It was difficult to find any source of shade, and that can be scary for a photographer! I feel as though I accomplished that tiny goal I made for myself, and I hope you can appreciate that as you look through these images!