My clients are awesome. Hands down. When Kristi and I met over coffee to discuss her and Jason's wedding, we found out that we had way more in common than a love for good photography. We talked all evening about everything from horses to the importance of printing your photographs to our journeys as photographers (there might have been some tears during this part of the conversation, but don't tell!) and our mutual love for organization and themes.

Speaking of themes, can we talk about how awesome this styled engagement session was that we put together ourselves? We found this gorgeous little bungalow that fit the vintage travel theme of Kristi and Jason's wedding and boy, did we run with it! Kristi managed to pull together all of the little details, and I'll take any excuse to go shopping so I hit up some of the local craft stores and scored some cool stuff, too. I'm pretty excited for how it turned out! We spent a few hours cooking breakfast and playing in the sunshine, and then wandered down to Five Points in East Nashville, where we wrapped up their session and settled down for a beer and some good conversation. 

Kristi and Jason, thank you so much for trusting me to document such an exciting time in your lives. It's an honor to call you both clients AND friends!