Some of my favorite moments that I photograph between couples stem from the transitional moments; the moments when I'm not really trying to pose my couples, or after I direct my couple to a pose and they take it and make it their own. 

One of my favorite ways to get some sweet emotions from my couples is to have them whisper in each others ear! I usually start my sessions shooting on a longer lens a little farther away, and I let my couples know that I really can't hear what they are saying! I'll ask one of them to nuzzle up to the other and whisper something sweet/funny/naughty in the other's ear. It usually results in something cute, a lot of laughter and a genuine smile! 

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golden hour wedding portrait

Sometimes, when my intention is to create a softer, more serene moment, I'll ask one of them to quietly tell the other person something that they really love about the other, or to whisper three things that excite them the most about getting married. 

This is a great little trick for getting those super intimate, close up shots that evoke a lot of emotion. Photographers, try it out and let me know what you end up with!

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