If you asked me what my trademark look is, I would say that I get all up in my subjects business! I always tell my couples that I am going to get close during their wedding, with the ceremony typically being the exception. I love to shoot on fast, wide lenses (think wide focal lengths - the 35 is my favorite!) and tell my couples to get close. Often, I'll have the groom stand slightly behind the bride and whisper something silly in her ear - you can see how many playful, fun reactions this gets below - and the best part about this approach is that every couple reacts differently, so you never get the same photo twice, even though you're using the same tactic!

My intention to evoke some kind of emotion. Like I said above, normally I'm aiming for those fun, playful emotions, but sometimes, if the light is right and the surroundings allow for it, I'll go for a little bit of a softer, more peaceful image by setting up my couple the same way, but instead asking them to close their eyes, nuzzle into one another, and I usually have him whisper something sweet in her ear or ask one of them to tell the other something they are excited about in the future. Works like a charm!

You can see from my portfolio that I incorporate this close-up approach of shooting into every aspect of my style. It's not something I really attempted, I just started noticing a pattern in the images that I felt portrayed my brand. The important thing about these tips and tricks I provide is finding a way to make these work for the style that you shoot! Your milage may vary, but I would love to see what you come up with!

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