Considering a "First Look" on your wedding day?

Planning the timeline for your wedding can be more stressful that the wedding itself. Figuring out when to schedule family pictures, how long to allow for bridal party pictures, are you going to have time to enjoy your cocktail hour...that's a lot to deal with! I have helped plan timelines with couples since I started photographing weddings and I've found that certain things help make a wedding day run smoothly. One of those things is a "First Look."

The decision to have a "First Look" on your wedding day is a very personal one, but it is becoming more and more common for couples to throw tradition aside for the sake of sanity. While I would never try to sway a couple from their decision, there are some benefits to seeing each other before the ceremony, both in terms of photography and the flow of your wedding.

What is a "First Look?"

A "First Look" is an intimate moment in a beautiful setting where you spend a few moments alone. It's as private or laid-back as you would like it to be. We usually get some of our best portraits during this private time. No distractions, you're excited about seeing each other, you're about to get married...the list goes on. And let's be honest, these might be the only few minutes that you and your other half get to spend alone together for the rest of the day. Why not take advantage of that time, get some awesome portraits in a beautiful location and get all the busy stuff out of the way!

What are the benefits of a "First Look?"

One benefit on the photography side is that having a first look usually gives us the time I need to create many of the beautiful and unique portraits you see on my blog and website without the feeling of needing to hurry back to the reception.
Having a "First Look" before your ceremony also allows for more flexibility with formal portraits. Seeing each other before the ceremony allows us to get those big family group photos that can sometimes be difficult to organize after all the excitement. Everyone's hair & makeup is in tip-top shape, there's no rush to travel or get back to the cocktail hour, and you can relax and have a little fun before your ceremony.  I rave about "First Looks," because they are awesome! While it may seem that there are set rules and traditions that you have to follow on your wedding day, don't get caught up in trying to please everyone. Yes, seeing your soon-to-be before your ceremony might be a little un-traditional, but that doesn't make it wrong!