Sometimes, the universe puts people in your life that are just meant to be there. The morning I started nursing school, I woke up an hour late and rushed out the door, forgetting my wallet and not even brushing my hair. I was frazzled, looked like a hot mess and didn't even have $7 to pay for my student ID. Allison saved the day, and we've since borrowed $7 from each other on a regular basis. We've bonded over copious amounts of both tears and coffee, we've stressed over nursing exams and we've shared sighs of relief (and much needed glasses of wine!) after passing said exams. We have been the 5 AM wake up calls and the cheerleaders during our workouts and the shoulder when one of us needed it. We've seen each other through a lot, and I'm grateful to call Allison more than jut a classmate or a client, but a friend. When Ross popped the question, I practically begged her to let me photograph their engagement session. Waking up before the sun to spend some time in the spot where they got engaged was just the first part of our adventure - stay tuned for part two, coming soon.

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