I've been making it a point over the last year to document the little moments that happen in my life, because let's be real, what kind of photographers doesn't photograph her own life?! The answer is a staggering amount of us don't. It's hard. When your job involves picking up our cameras, it's easy to let it slide when you aren't working! I suppose this post is better late than never, but I sorted through all my images from 2015 that didn't quite have a home anywhere else. Most of these images are ones that I took of moments that I wanted to remember, like photographing my best friend's engagement, going tailgating at the Tampa Bay Rays game with my family, and my summer vacation in Miami. Some are images that other photographers took of me, like the awesome shots from Rachel Lombardi! A few are just plain old snapshots of little moments that someday, I know I'll look back on. I'm going to try my best to implement this as a routine in my life. So, without further ado, if you're curious about what my life looks like when I'm not weddinging, here it is!

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